Clarity Is Key

Becky lived in an apartment with two or three roommates, and she wanted a space of her own. Faced with all the choices available to her, she kept saying,”I am so confused.” She was afraid she was going to make Raccoon Poop the wrong decision, get trapped somewhere she didn’t want to be, or miss out on something better. So she didn’t pick anything different and even when her roommates changed, she remained where she was.

Clarity is vitally important for you to understand what you would like. Once you are clear on your goal, you can focus on it and proceed in that direction. Clarity is necessary that you have success in any area of your life. If you don’t understand what you would like, you will just drift along and get the results of the average of your own thoughts.

Without clarity, you’re in a perpetual state of confusion. This causes insecurity and stress, which only creates more turmoil. You run around in circles and don’t get anywhere. You might look at one choice after another, and all of the possibilities you face produces more chaos for you.

But the only person who is generating your confusion is you. By affirming that you’re in this state, refusing to commit to a path, or letting yourself get overwhelmed by options, you’re contributing to the challenge. You are giving your subconscious mind the message to keep you scattered. The underlying issue might be that you are trying to avoid responsibility, afraid you’ll make a mistake, get stuck in a circumstance, or fail.

Believe it or not, uncertainty is a selection. It’s a decision not to decide. As soon as you whittle down your options, and choose a direction, it clears away the fog. It may become evident that you don’t wish to go that path. That’s fine. It is possible to remain open to other possibilities and change your mind. But do not change it too much, or you’ll end up back in the mists that clouded your mind in the first place.

When you choose a track and decide to keep on it, the haze clears away, and you can see a little way forward. Take one step, then another. Now, you don’t need to know where you are going to wind up. It’s enough that you have chosen to move in a direction. Because when you are moving, your subconscious can direct you.

Initially, any direction is far better than being stalled. Thus, even when you’re unsure about what you want, pick a path. As you’re moving, you’ll discover exactly what you would like and do not want. Write down your goals or goals. This prompts you to be more specific in what you desire. Then read them daily. Ask yourself,”What can I do now that will move me in their direction?”

As soon as you’ve decided, do not second guess yourself. But don’t be distracted by a shiny, new idea or opportunity that leads you into another direction without some reason. The diversion is a mirage and simply an old habit trying to avoid change. If you get uncomfortable, it’s only the old custom of confusion trying to lure you back into its lair. Stay on track, and confusion will fade away.

As you build your commitment to your own decisions, you’ll gain confidence which you can make wise ones. Your inner self will direct you to make ones that take you in your own optimal path. Trust yourself, since you do have the knowledge inside to make the proper choices for your best good.

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