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If you’re planning a holiday to the Grand Canyon, there are a myriad of things you should know about the many tours you can go on. Simply follow these six tips, and you will be able to plan an enjoyable tour you’re sure to enjoy.

# 1 – Decide Where To Begin Your Tour

The first thing you need to decide is where you will start your tour to the canyon. Both primary starting points are at the South Rim, which is in Arizona, and Vegas. If you choose a Vegas tour, you can visit the West Rim or the South Rim. If you start from a town in Arizona, you’ll tour the South Rim.

# 2 – Pick On The Rim To See

Next, you’ll need to decide which rim you’ll go see. There are a couple of options. All excursions to the West Rim originate from Las Vegas since it is only 120 miles from there. That’s why it is the best rim to see if you will be in an Arizona city.

If you don’t know which rim to go to, consider what you would like to experience in the canyon. Is visiting the Skywalk important for you? Do you want to soak up beautiful views of nature? Do you wish to tour the National Park? By deciding what you want to do, you will know which rim you need to visit so you can do it.

You want to purchase your tour beforehand. The canyon tours are extremely popular, so they fill up quickly and sell out. That’s why it is a good idea to reserve your tour at least one week ahead of time. It’s even better to reserve a Vegas tour two weeks beforehand. This is particularly true for all the helicopter tours. In actuality, you might want to reserve your tour the same time you make reservations for your hotel in Vegas, that way you won’t forget.

# 4 – Book On The Internet

Be sure to keep this tip in mind. I keep up with the latest trends for getting the best discounts on these tours. This is the best means to do it now. The best deals on tours are found online. That is because you get to use the low online rate. Plus, you’ll get to cut out the booking fees.

# 5 – Establish A Budget

By knowing your budget, you can narrow down the tours to the ones that you can afford. You’ll need to pay the most for a helicopter tour, and the bus tours are the least expensive. Tours by raft and plane fall between the two extremes. In addition, the air tours come in two varieties, the air-only tours and the landing tours. However, if you want to take a landing tour, you will need to depart from Vegas. Flying down to land on the canyon floor is exciting, but the only way you can do that’s to have a landing tour from Vegas to the West Rim.

# 6 – Understand Your Cancellation Policy

You don’t want to skim over the cancellation policy. If you buy from a company other than the reputable ones I recommend, you may wind up in trouble if you will need to cancel your tour. Therefore, buying from a recommended company is a fantastic idea because you’ll have peace of mind if you change your travel plans, since you’ll be protected by a 48 hour money back cancellation coverage.

By following these six tips, you’ll have the ability to plan out a fun-filled Grand Canyon tour that fits within your budget. No matter what tour you choose, you will see beautiful scenic views you will never forget.

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